The Interceptor®-SG® is a completely air operated slide gate valve, compliant with NFPA 69 standards. The Interceptor®-SG® slide gate valve is a normally open device with pneumatic air cylinders containing compressed air to lock the valve shut once a signal from a pressure detector is received, indicating the start of a deflagration.

The air operated Interceptor®-SG® slide gate valve can be quickly rearmed at the controls after activation without any rebuild or ignitor replacement. The valve’s stainless-steel bore makes it ideal for food-grade applications, as well as almost any system, including pneumatic conveying systems, dust collection systems, cyclones, mills, storage vessels, and metal dust applications.

  • NFPA 69 Compliant
  • EN 15089 Certified
  • In accordance with FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 7-76


  • Air-operated
  • Easy rearming
  • Stainless steel bore, ideal for food-grade application
  • Rated for containment
  • Fail-safe feature
  • Triggered by pressure detectors
  • Single controller can monitor multiple valves
  • CAN-BUS Controller capability
  • Resettable on field
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