HD Detector

The HD detector is a part of Firefly system generation Eximio. The HD detector is programmed to spot ignition sources before a fire or explosion has occurred to prevent any damage in an industrial process. The detectors can be placed in various applications with pneumatic ducting or fall chutes. The HD detector is configured to signal based on the Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT) / Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) of the material handled. This is a passive IR detector.

In order to prevent false triggering, the HD detectors are insensitive to daylight. The detector has Multi-Checkpoint™ technology to ensure efficient detection. As the passing ignition source is traveling through the pipeline the hot particle will be sensed 3 times before detection is approved. The sensor has two IR test diodes which automatically tests function and sensitivity during normal operation without affecting the detector’s capability. A key feature is Firefly DualEye™ technology to enable a full 180° view angle per detector. Part of the Eximio InfoLed™ system, at the bottom of the detector housing, there are color-coded LED lights to indicate the current status of the system.

  • VdS 2841 and 2132 Approved
  • EN 12799 Certified
  • ATEX Approved
  • DFL Tested Certified
  • IP65
  • NFPA Approved


  • Insensitive to Daylight
  • Detects Hot Particles, Sparks, and Flames
  • Self-Cleaning Lens
  • Multi-Checkpoint™ Technology
  • DualEye™ Technology
  • Mounting Ring
  • IR Test Diodes
  • Eximio InfoLed™ – Color-Coded LED Indicators
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