Intelligent Infrared Detection

Infrared Spark Detectors

Infrared spark detectors are insensitive to daylight minimizing the potential for false detections. The IR technology also allows the detector to see particle temperatures at ranges where traditional ultraviolet detectors cannot. These FM-approved intelligent detectors provide superior detection of sparks and fires.

InfoLED™ technology allows for operators to see detections and detector status in real time either in the process or at the controller.

Features include self cleaning lens, quick access process adaptors, 180° viewing angle, quick connect detector cable, and process shields.

Intelligent Control System


The most advanced prevention control system in the world offers the ability to monitor multiple gas detection, spark detection, and quick suppression systems with IntuVision™. Its modular design and decentralized system architecture allows it to handle single applications to entire processing facilities.

IntuVision™ is an intelligent operator interface that provides users with a clear, informative information and user friendly menus.

Features include the ability for remote monitoring, networking connections, and interlocking relays.

Water Extinguishing

Full Cone Water Nozzles

A variety of different water nozzles are available to extinguish sparks in any applications. Nozzles for conveying ducts, drop chutes, and open areas are available.

Full cone water spray produces a powerful extinguishing zone to penetrate material flow and cover the entire duct cross section. Each nozzle features a solenoid valve for quicker reaction time and the optimal reliability.

Features include flex connection for quick access, quick release process adapters, and no moving parts limited any potential wear.